26 Reed Hastings Inspirational Quotes

26 Reed Hastings Inspirational Quotes

Wilmot Reed Hastings was October 8, 1960, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Wilmot Reed Hastings is the co-founder, chairman, and co-chief executive officer of Netflix, and sits on a number of boards and non-profit organizations. A former member of the California State Board of Education, Hastings is an advocate for education reform through charter schools.

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  1. Taking smart risks can be very gratifying.
  2. Don’t be afraid to change the model.
  3. Companies rarely die from moving too fast, and they frequently die from moving too slowly.
  4. The Costa Rican government is prioritizing laying fibre optic over paving roads.
  5. Costa Rica is trying to become one of the Internet societies. This is happening throughout the world.
  6. On the Internet you get continuous innovation, so every year the streams are a little better.
  7. I’m an HBO subscriber, and I watch a bunch of great shows on HBO.
  8. I’m on the Facebook board now. Little did they know that I thought Facebook was really stupid when I first heard about it back in 2005.
  9. It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we are going to keep Netflix as one place to go for streaming and DVDs.
  10. In the U.S., HBO is a very aggressive service.
  11. If the Starbucks secret is a smile when you get your latte… ours is that the Web site adapts to the individual’s taste.
  12. Be brutally honest about the short term and optimistic and confident about the long term.
  13. What’s got me excited about the education space is the growth of the Internet over the next 10, 20, 30 years.
  14. When we think about online learning, it’s such ‘early days.’ Bill Gates is a wildly smart insightful guy.
  15. Even a guy as smart and insightful as that, 30 years ago can say things like, ‘Who’s every going to need more than 640K of memory?’
  16. Stone Age. Bronze Age. Iron Age. We define entire epics of humanity by the technology they use.
  17. In fact, technology has been the story of human progress from as long back as we know.
  18. In 100 years, people will look back on now and say, ‘That was the Internet Age.’ And computers will be seen as a mere ingredient to the Internet Age.
  19. The best managers figure out how to get great outcomes by setting the appropriate context, rather than by trying to control their people.
  20. I’ve worked very hard, but my life’s always been fun.
  21. Do not tolerate brilliant jerks. The cost to teamwork is too high.
  22. I learned the value of focus. I learned it is better to do one product well than two products in a mediocre way.
  23. But as an entrepreneur you have to feel like you can jump out of an aeroplane because you’re confident that you’ll catch a bird flying by.
  24. It’s an act of stupidity, and most entrepreneurs go splat because the bird doesn’t come by, but a few times it does.
  25. Great leaders, like Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos, also focused on the long term.
  26. Be big, fast and flexible.

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