About Maria Ewanfoh Memorial

Maria Ewanfoh Memorial is a project in honor of Mrs. Maria Ewanfoh of Uromi, Nigeria. The late Mrs. Maria Ewanfoh was born in Idije, Uromi. At a young age, she married her husband Mr. Ewanfoh Ohenbhen, from Idubhughulu, Amedokhian, Uromi.

With her last born yet to start primary school, her husband died, leaving her to carry the heavy load of raising her children with the support of her already grown-up children. It was difficult and very challenging.

Like most Esan women, she was strong and extremely resilient to care for the children. She did everything within her power to raise the children, including cutting logs of wood on the farm and walking several kilometers from Amedokhian to sell them in Uromi main town, all to provide food for her family.

Mrs. Maria Ewanfoh passed away on July 2021 after experiencing the dream of every woman – seeing her children grow up and carrying her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

We love her and appreciate the sacrifices she had made for us and so decided to create this project in her name. What we intend to do with the project is to honor the people in our lives and history.

As a people, there is no way we can know where we are going until we first understand where we are coming from. And it doesn’t require so much to pause once in a while and reflect on these giants in our lives and collective history.

The truth is that those before us have offered their shoulders for us to stand on so we can see far ahead. So, it’s only natural that we honor and remember them within the limit of our resources and capacities.


Our mission is to preserve our collective memory. We intend to do this by transforming our experience into consumable digital content that can outlive our times.

How we work is very simple and it’s as followed:

  • We identify who among us we want to talk about,
  • We carry out our research for basic knowledge,
  • We interview those who have more knowledge of the individual we want to talk about,
  • We do our own analyses on the content (video, audio, or text-based content) and we come up with a finished product.

We believe it is our duty to tell our stories so that the future generation will know where to start in shaping their own world. That is our ultimate goal and you are welcome to join us.

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