Chris Oyakhilome's Life & Legacy

The Life & Legacy of Chris Oyakhilome, the founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated

Today, we will examine the life and legacy of a charismatic Nigerian pastor named Christian Oyakhilome. He is regarded as a man of courage and a special preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is vivacious for God and has favorably touched people’s lives, particularly those of youth. Join our Content Creation Academy  If you want to learn about StorytellingContent Creation, and how to build your Online Business.

Who is Chris Oyakhilome?

Christian Oyakhilome is a fine young man, who grew up to be vibrant for God, spirit-filled, and under grew several pieces of Christian training to be recognized as a man who propelled a dynamic and vital aspect of the gospel of Christ.

Christian Oyakhilome was born into a Christian household in Edo State, Nigeria, on December 7, 1963. He is commonly referred to as “Pastor Chris.” He is a televangelist who focuses on appealing to young people.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is currently recognized as the founder and president of the well-known church organization, Christ Embassy, also known as (Love World Incorporated), which is now regarded as a global ministry.

Today, Pastor Chris is now among the most well-known and wealthy pastors in Africa. He is also recognized as one of the most powerful and influential Pastors in Nigeria.

Chris Oyakhilome`s physical features

Christian Oyakhilome is about 5 feet 10 inches tall(155cm). He has fair skin and weighs 70kg (120Ibs).

Chris Oyakhilome`s Education

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hailed from Edo state, Esan land. Chris went through both his primary and secondary education in Edo state. After that, he aimed for his higher studies and gained admission into Ambrose Alli University, formerly known as Bendel State University, to study Architecture.

After completing four years of coursework at the university, he received a B.A. degree certificate. He also received honorary doctorates in divinity and science from Benson Idahosa University and Ambrose Alli University.

He foresaw his own spiritual path and love for leadership during his time in college. He also started the student organization Youth for Christ, which eventually reinforced his love for leadership and grew to be the biggest and most popular organization on campus.

Who are Chris Oyakhilome`s Parents and relatives?

Chris Oyakhilome is the oldest child of Angelina and Elder Tim Oyakhilome. His mother Angelina was a devout Christian who made sure her kids followed the Lord’s path. Tim’s father was renowned as the pioneer of the Assemblies of God in Benin and passed away in 2008.

Ken Oyakhilome, Chris’s brother also serves as a pastor in the Christ Embassy Houston, Texas Branch. Additionally, he has two sisters: Pastor Linda Okocha is the zonal pastor for Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Parish Zone 2 and Regional Pastor for the Christ Embassy South-South region of Nigeria.

Evangelist Katty Worghiren is a minister and the director of the LoveWorld Music and art ministry. Additionally, Daysman Oyakhilome is related to Chris and regarded as his Nephew.


Chris Oyakhilome tied the knot with Anita Ebhodaghe on February 2nd,1991. Their marriage was blessed with 2 beautiful female children named Sharon and Charlyn Oyakhilome.

Anita (his wife) filed for divorce on April 9, 2014, after 25 years of marriage. The divorce was finalized in February 2016 at Central Family Court in London. Additionally, they agreed to divide custody of their two kids.

It’s incredible how two individuals who couldn’t keep up with one another can come together to reach a consensus. Well, the choice was the right one.

Sharon is the first child and has grown up to be an inspiring gospel singer who currently lives in London and is now married to a Ghanaian man named Phillip Frimpong. Her Kid sister Charlyn turned out to be her bridesmaid.

How old is Christian Oyakhilome?

Pastor Chris is currently 58 years of age. He will turn 59 years old on his upcoming birthday in December 2022.

Christian Oyakhilome`s Net worth

Pastor Christ is now among the most wealthy and influential Pastor in Nigeria and Africa at large, with a current estimated net worth of about $126 Million dollars (57.9 billion in Naira).

Chris Oyakhilome`s Properties

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome owns a white house in Oregun, Lagos State, which comprises a 4-story building and is worth over N150 million. The white house is outfitted with a sports office, carport, nice modern technology equipment, and everything else that makes a house look comfortable.

Pastor Chris owns luxurious real estate properties and eye-catching rides. He owns a registered personal aircraft known as Sky Power. According to research, each jet might cost 500 million each.

He also has about 30 SUVs and 3 rides, which are the Bentley Continental GT (N81M), Range Rover Sentinel Sport ride (N18m), and Mercedes Benz G Wagon (N35m), among others.

If this isn’t wealth, what could it be?

Some noble qualities Christian Oyakhilome possessed

Chris is regarded as a significant and impactful individual who attempts to invest in others. Christ helped people understand that investing in others is the best legacy one can leave behind because everyone’s fate is interconnected.

He is regarded as a man who cherishes intimacy and loves God. He is frequently referred to as Daddy or Father, which informs us how he has established himself as a father figure for many people, even if there is no biological connection.

Chris, who provides for the destitute and prays for people, is a selfless donor who is recognized as a blessing to the country. Chris serves as an example and an inspiration to people of all ages.

By earning numerous degrees, he highlights the value of education and ensures that others are aware of how important it is to be a contributing member of society.

Chris supports the underprivileged and the government to ensure that a better society develops, making him an angel to humanity. Chris is courteous to everyone and upholds his spiritual father’s legacy (Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa).

Chris imparted knowledge to us. He instilled in us a passion for learning, demonstrated the value of education, and taught us how to contribute to society. Pastor Chris has without a doubt been a blessing to humanity and has possessed great qualities every individual must have.

Christian Oyakhilome`s prophetic ministry

Everyone says Pastor Chris was always destined to be a man of God, but I will say he was prepared by his parents to do the work of Christ ahead of a nation. and the destinies attached to him, the role of his parents should never be underestimated.

Chris`s parents put God first besides making education a priority for their kids, which is what caused the growing flower to bloom. Chris`s parents understood the value and power of education and made sure their kids got there and pursued it to the end.

Chris began to foresee his ministry at the university when he set up a student organization known as Youth for Christ. The organization started small and later bloomed to become the most popular organization on campus, which was considered a modest beginning.

After graduating from high school, Pastor Chris founded the Christ Embassy church in 1987 because he had not forgotten about the ministry of Christ. He is known now as the president of LoveWorld Inc. and the founder of the Christ Embassy. Pastor Chris trusted in God and the vision he had for him and pursued it to the end.

Christ Embassy is based in Lagos with hundreds of branches in about five continents of the world. Unbelievably, the church has attracted millions of members.

Pastor Chris now oversees millions of believers and has established a healing ministry to aid those who have no hope or option for a healthy future. The Healing Ministry is now an integral part of Dr. Chris`s Ministry.

The healing school ministry is currently located in Canada and South Africa. The Rhapsody of Realities, a daily devotional Bible issued by Pastor Christ, has unfailingly been distributed to all believers worldwide which signifies impact and growth.

Pastor Chris`s Ministry has impacted the entire world; his television programs showcase faith healing and miracles, which is very beneficial to people. The biggest single-night event in Nigeria is held by his ministry.

Pastor Chris operates a global and international school of ministry. In Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Canada, the US, and the UK, he organizes conferences on a higher life, respectively.

In order to communicate with many believers around the world. He runs an online Christian prayer network. His ministry today follows the order of Benny Hinn and Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

His ministry has found favor with God and all people to the point that he was given the chance and opportunity to possess Late Papa Idahosa’s bible, which had been maintained by his family for 22 years.

Millions of lives have been richly healed and redeemed by Pastor Chris’ ministry. After giving Pastor Chris the bible, Papa Idahosa’s wife declared that his ministry had officially begun and that the baton had been passed both spiritually and physically.

Additionally, Pastor Chris promotes the use of the LMAM (LoveWorld Music and Art Ministry)-trained choir in his congregations. The organization hosts spectacular events highlighting amazing talents and annual ceremonies that bring out potential in people and recognize the best. Without a question, LMAM has been effective in developing talented vocalists who are fervent Christians and passionate for Christ.

Christian Oyakhilome`s Mission

Pastor Chris Mission is saddled with the responsibility of partnering with the government and private entities to help the poor, less privileged, sick, and needy who are materially and spiritually disposed in order to improve the overall well-being of the citizens.

Powerful books, written by Christian Oyakhilome

According to research, a significant proportion of his fortune comes from his book sales. Pastor Chris is a great thinker and an expressive writer of inspirational books. His personal love for books, ideas, and technology has made him set up a digital library where you can find his collections.

Pastor Chris is the proud author of several spiritual and inspirational finished books in the library today. A list of his books includes:

  1. Rhapsody of Realities: this book has been translated into hundreds of languages and is distributed monthly around the world. This book has impacted meaningfully into lives.
  2. The power of tongues
  3. Gates of Zion
  4. Prophecy
  5. Holy Spirit and You
  6. How to Pray Effectively
  7. None of These diseases
  8. The Seven Spirits of God
  9. Healing from Heaven
  10. Your Right in Christ
  11. Now that you are born again
  12. How to make Faith work
  13. Join the Chariots
  14. When God visits you
  15. The Power of your Mind
  16. The Oil and the Mantle

Christian Oyakhilome`s followers on social media

Pastor Chris has many social media accounts that are primarily used for live events and outreach to believers. Officially, Pastor has over 1.2 million Twitter followers, 1.9 million Facebook fans, and 33.8k Instagram followers. His sermon is currently being watched by over 4-5 billion people worldwide.

Additionally, Pastor Chris developed and created KINGSCHAT, his own social media messaging platform. However, there are other social media platforms, that are used to inform the public.


Life is designed in a way that no matter how you try to avoid difficulties, they will eventually find you and instead of bringing you low, it would rather teach you about growth, what you can achieve, and help you stand strong even as an individual. Research has confirmed that you are not living your best life if no one talks about you.

Even in ministry, Pastor Chris faced many challenges, even in ministry. He has been a target of criticism by the media and society at large. He faced a major challenge when he finalized his divorce from his wife in 2016.

People forget that a spiritual head is also human. We need to always remember that nobody is perfect. Therefore. he shouldn’t be criticized when he gets a divorce as a man of God.

Pastor Chris was criticized because people didn’t think he should seek a divorce, forgetting that it is his life, and not theirs. Although he might have made a conscious effort to be strong during the trying times, criticism will always hit hard.

The charge against Pastor Chris is that he only preaches the gospel of prosperity, not the gospel of Christ. They assert that because he consistently promises donors to his ministry that they will be rewarded with wealth or health; he is exploiting them for financial gain.

Pastor Chris has been accused of preaching only prosperity and not the gospel of Christ. They claim he is using his followers for money because he always states that those who donate to his ministry will be rewarded with wealth or health.

Kemi Pinheriro allegedly claimed adultery with Pastor Chris, prompting a public notice advertisement. Pastor Chris, however, refuted the allegations and called it a vicious and cruel attempt to bring him low.

Following a complaint made by Treatment Action Campaign, the South African Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) prohibited Christ Embassy Church from promoting promises of faith healing in 2011. TAC asserted that Christ Embassy Church promoted claims of faith healing through the use of television and other media.

TAC further asserted that a woman passed away as a result of this because Christ Embassy in Johannesburg convinced her that she had been cured, causing her to cease getting treatment and eventually transmit the illness to her children before passing away.

Research shows that Pastor Chris never cleared the air on this matter, and how they resolved the matter still remains unknown to this moment.

He also encountered a significant obstacle when the British regulator fined his television network £125,000 for violating broadcasting regulations by disseminating inaccurate claims regarding coronavirus and the 5G network.

He may have experienced many more obstacles than those listed, but always remember that challenges are there to strengthen you, never let it put you down. It’s comforting to know that despite all of these difficulties, Pastor Chris triumphed and he is still standing strong.

Christian Oyakhilome`s Achievements

Success is typically defined as something that was done with effort, skill, and guts. Let’s look at Pastor Chris’s past and present accomplishments.

  1. He is renowned for writing Rhapsody of Realities, which continues to impact on many more lives today.
  2. He founded the children’s NGO Inner City Mission. Additionally, he owns five Christian television networks: LoveWorld Plus in Nigeria, LoveWorld SAT in South Africa, LoveWorld TV in the United Kingdom, LoveWorld Canada, and LoveWorld USA. Amazingly, LoveWorld TV is the first African-based television network to reach a global audience with its messaging.
  3. Despite his modest beginnings and diminutive size, Pastor Chris currently oversees billions of Christians across the world.
  4. He founded the Inner-City Mission Project, an organization whose main goal is to aid the underprivileged and needy worldwide, particularly mothers and infants.
  5. He currently runs an international and worldwide school of ministry, which includes a healing school. He has hosted events such as the International Pastors Meeting, which drew around 5000 pastors, the Global Day of Prayer with Benny Hinn, and LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris.
  6. He received honorary doctorates in science and divinity from Ambrose Alli University and Ben Idahosa University, respectively. He honored the youth by awarding the FALA AWARD over $100,000 in honor of African youth.
  7. He has aided in the salvation of countless lost souls and the reconciliation of sinners with God.
  8. Pastor Christ didn’t just think about the nation’s current citizens; he also looked far into the future and founded an organization called the Future African Leaders Foundation, which was created primarily to build young people and get them ready for a bright future by encouraging their successes, supporting their achievements and investing in them so they can become tomorrow’s leaders and valuable members of society.

Pastor Christian Oyakhilome has impacted and changed the lives of many notably the young youths to date. He has shown humanity how to be a good contributor and a valuable member of the society.

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